iObserve is the ultimate observation tool

iObserve app
iObserve tablet

On the go

For your tablet

The iObserve app is great for coaches, assessors, teachers or journalists. Anyone who is out in the field making observations.

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iObserve tablet

As you need it

Annual subscription version available

Looking for a subscription version of the award-winning app? iObserve + is the product for you.

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iObserve tablet

All in one place

For your Mac or Windows PC

Now all of your observations can be done from the comfort of your desk with iObserve Desktop.

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iObserve tablet

As a patient

The medical app

Record your symptoms as they happen or receive reminders about medication. iObserve Patient helps you and your doctor.

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Who is it for?

More and more industries are finding out how much time and money iObserve can save them. Do you perform observations? Conduct interviews? Perform assessments? Provide training? iObserve is the tool for you.

With this paperless and seamless new approach to assessing, you’ll spend less time writing up reports, and have more time for everything else that you do. The cost-saving implications of iObserve are staggering, with not only time saved writing the reports, but time saved trying to make arrangements to get the assessor and candidate in the same room together to perform the assessment in the first place.

With iObserve, anyone can record the session and upload it as evidence of their work. No more time wasted travelling or bottlenecking crucial stages in training, waiting for a time to suit everyone. No more holding you back.

Now that I use iObserve for Q&A’s and professional discussions, I wouldn’t be caught without it. It’s so convenient, and saves me so much time!  
—Sarah Davenport, Prospect Training Services

5 key ways industries are using iObserve
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Assessing made easy

How does it work?

Never miss a thing again. A simple click clearly marks the evidence in the recording you need. No more taking notes and missing what the candidates or interviewees are saying or doing.

No user manual required. Glide through your assessments or interviews. With the app, it’s a tap of the screen to time-stamp entire criteria to the point in the video or audio. With the desktop version, you can take your time, reviewing the recording as much as you desire, marking and making notes every time a criteria is filled or a particular point has been raised with the click of your mouse. Your assessment or interview criteria, whatever they may be, can be pre-uploaded from an xml file, or simply typed in before the assessment begins. One more press of a button, and you have a complete document of the evidence.

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What does it do?

iObserve record

Record audio and video as evidence.

iObserve signed

Create a declaration signed by you and the candidate.

iObserve milestone

Add your own criteria/standards/ milestones, or download qualifications from our inbuilt shop.

iObserve save

Save the recording to your device or export it to your computer.

iObserve stamp

Time stamp criteria against the recording, then jump to those points in the recording.

iObserve time

Save time – no more report writing!

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Save with iObserve

Making observations and transcribing can be a long and costly process. First you have to organise a time for both the assessor or interviewer and candidate to be in the same room, and whether the session is recorded or not, there’s the added time of writing up a report and then chasing up the candidate to give feedback and get everyone to sign off on it. Those days are behind you with iObserve.

Find how much time and money iObserve can save you.

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As a sports tutor, having a tool to record, assess and give feedback all in one and on the go is invaluable.  
—Joe McClean, Sports Tutor

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